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Hosting your WordPress Site

Hosting your WordPress Site

WordPress is an extremely versatile, highly flexible and customizable content management platform that is suitable for nearly any type of website. According to, 27% of the Internet is powered by WordPress.

While there are hundreds of WordPress hosts, more often than none something is left to be desired. Whether it's control over the server settings, the flexibility to install your own SSL Certificate, automated updates and security, or the high cost.

This made us feel that we must offer something different, yet affordable to all the WordPress lovers out there, so when launched our new website in January 27th 2017, we introduced a brand new product which we called Application Hosting. While it's most suitable for WordPress, it is also perfect for almost any other type of CMS.

Below are the top 5 reasons why you should consider hosting your WordPress site on DigitalFyre's Application Hosting:

1. Security

Although WordPress is rather secure, some plugins may not be. Patchman is running in the background, constantly scanning all the websites for any malicious or outdated files and silently patching them to keep your site secure. Further, you would be able to secure your website with an SSL Certificate from Let's Encrypt for free. You install it once and it will automatically renew without you ever having to worry about it.

2. Affordability

You would be saving up to 60% compared to other WordPress Hosting providers. Additionally, you would be able to host multiple installs with different sites on the same hosting plan. Also, backups are included, for free, forever. Did we also mention that we never put a limit on how many hits/visitors your website can receive every month and that you get SSH Access to your hosting account?

3. Nginx with .htaccess support

It's no secret that Nginx's performance blows Apache away. However, more often than none you find yourself in a situation where you have to re-do your entire .htaccess file to support Nginx. Fortunately, we use Nginx as a reverse proxy for Apache, so .htaccess is fully supported. Further, HTTP/2 and HSTS will likely get you an A+ rate on SSL Labs.

4. WordPress Toolkit

We use Plesk Onyx as the platform for Application Hoting which comes with a fantastic tool called WordPress Toolkit. WordPress Toolkit allows you to easily enable/disable Themes and Plugins, secure your installation and database, and update your WordPress core, theme, and plugins automatically.

5. Support

We love WordPress as much as you do and we're always here to help out. While we take care of the infrastructure while you enjoy working on your website, we'll always be there to answer your questions.



Maria is one of DigitalFyre's Editors and is in charge of the majority of the support articles on the DigitalFyre Support Site.