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The April 2017 Changes and Improvements

The April 2017 Changes and Improvements

The past three weeks have been insanely busy here at DigitalFyre since we published this post saying that some changes are coming along. Well, we did it.

We did quite a bit of work on the backend to speed up the client portal and we continue to work hard on improving it.

One of the first changes that jumped out of development and into production is the blog URL. Since its launch, we've been using as a URL, we just changed it to Why? Because we're trying to keep maintain consistency :)

Now, let's see what happened with the customer portal:
  • The customer portal loads faster now. We also made it a little but more compact and reduced unnecessary white space, we added a nice widget for our status page to show whether or not something is going on.
  • There is a page for Credit History. What is this? It's basically a page where you can see if you have any service credits, when they were added, why, and how they were used.
  • We changed some colors and icons in the portal to hopefully make the UI cleaner.
  • Did you notice we changed the color scheme a little bit? Good! We hope you like it :)
The VPS Management Section:

Well... that was a big project. We use OnApp, and it's no secret that OnApp has an awesome API that creates virtually endless possibilities to what you can do with it. So we took advantage of that and did some nice work :)

  • The UI got a total facelift. It looks nothing like the old one.
  • Better Firewall Management (Did you know you can actually have a Hypervisor/Node level firewall on top of your iptables/ufw/pf etc.. just in case you wanted some extra security?).
  • Better Assigned IP Listing.
  • Graphs! There's Bandwidth, CPU, and Disk I/O Graphs (and there is no need to install an agent to get those). There's also historic bandwidth, cpu, I/O, and CPU data that goes back up to 6 months.
  • A nice widget for bandwidth utilization and another one for your 24-hour usage stats.
  • We refreshed the OS List a little and made some improvements with the OS Reload page.
  • Some under the hood changes that allows faster provisioning for VMs.
Dedicated Servers:

Well... It's just a slight Management UI Facelift here. We're making things simpler :)

Shared and Reseller Hosting:

We're bringing the added security of the amazing new product from CloudLinux called Imunify360 to further improve the security and reliability of our cPanel-based products.

New Products?

Well, yes. We have a brand new product offering for you. We've been offering Email Hosting for a while now. However, some prefer to use Google G Suite (you know, Google Apps for work). So we decided to make that an option as well. Say hello to Google G Suite.

2017 has been a awesome year. We launched a new site customer portal, and blog, switched all web hosting products to SSD storage, and now these changes.

More will come, so stay tuned 😊



Ahmed is the President and Co-Founder of DigitalFyre. Ahmed oversees the day-to-day company operations and often works closely with customers.