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The switch to 100% SSD

The switch to 100% SSD

Providing exceptionally great services to customers has been our number one concern here at DigitalFyre since day one. For years, we have offered great shared hosting to customers from all over the world.

Over the past few months, we have been very hard at work preparing the next major update to our Shared and Reseller hosting plans. Now, the time has come.

Hello SSD

All the Shared, Reseller, and Application Hosting clusters will be upgraded to 100% SSD Arrays. Over the past few years, we have used a hybrid setup mixing HDD and SSD, which offered better performance compared to the current industry standard HDD for web hosting.


It is no secret that SSD out-performs regular HDD and 15k RPM SAS Drives. While we utilize the hybrid platform mentioned earlier, along with Litespeed, Nginx, LSCache and other software-based technologies, we believe that we need to do more in order for our customers to have an even better experience.

When will this happen

The migration process already started. By the end of March 2017, all our customers will be hosted on the same powerful Dual E5-26XX Intel Xeon Servers, but with 100% SSD Storage Arrays.

What else is changing

While Shared and Application hosting plans will remain the same, reseller plans will change. However, existing customers will not be affected by the revised reseller plans and their pricing unless they explicitly request it.

With this change, we are happy to say that each and every service provided by DigitalFyre is 100% SSD-powered.




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